Pamela Bowman's BREW Game



screenshot 1
Immediately after loading the game, after moving around a little. The art is all filler, but the images are duplicated to resemble the heap usage of the finished product. Note the background layers and the cloud's software transparency.

screenshot 2
Demonstrates working springboards. The springboard, when unused, is typically taller than the player. The custom image format has built-in tiling, and this filler "jump facing left" image is contained in the same file as the other character poses.

screenshot 3
The corner tiles all block in two directions. The blocking directions and values (how many pixels into the tile where blocking occurs) are imported from data files.

screenshot 4
The player steps onto a switch.

screenshot 5
Switching characters is smooth, and set to never take longer than 1500ms. (1.5 seconds) Demonstrates four-direction scrolling, how the center of focus can be changed, and shows the low usage of heap. (about 150k if you take out the simulator's overhead)